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Rug Cleaning Near Pleasant Hill | Carpet Cleaning Concord

Rug Cleaning

Customer Issue: This customer needed to have his two Persian rugs professionally cleaned.
Our Solution: Our team had both carpets professionally cleaned, the difference was really amazing. Only safe products were used to maintain the colors and patterns.

Rhett Musgrave - Pleasant Hill
Dry Cleaning Near Clayton | Carpet Cleaning Concord

Dry Cleaning

Customer Issue: This customer had chronic asthma, so she needed her carpets to be cleaned without too much dust.
Our Solution: We used our dry cleaning approach to thoroughly clean all of her carpets, and get rid of any odors. If you need any assistance having your carpets professionally cleaned using safe and specialized methods, let us know!

Agnes Breckitt - Clayton
Carpet Cleaning Project | Carpet Cleaning Concord, CA

Carpet Cleaning

Customer Issue: Mr. Clark had just bought a new house and wanted the carpet to be clean before moving in.
Our Solution: The textured nylon carpet had very specific dye, so we adjusted the intensity of the cleaning solution very carefully and made the required number of passes with the machine to remove the dirt, dust, stains and odor.

Randy Clark - Concord
Upholstery Cleaning | Carpet Cleaning Concord, CA

Upholstery Cleaning

Customer Issue: The sectional microfiber sofa of our customer was dull and had a few stains.
Our Solution: After checking the letter-based code, we chose the best cleaning product. With our deep cleaning technique, we extracted the dirt from deep down the fabric, covering all areas of the sofa, including all sides of the cushions.

Rose Murray - Clayton
Stain Removal | Carpet Cleaning Concord, CA

Stain Removal

Customer Issue: We were dealing with a paint stain on frieze carpet, but we didn’t know what the type of paint was.
Our Solution: Our first task was to confirm that the stain was left by oil-based paint. Then we softened the stain with steam, broke up the paint into pieces and extracted them gently. After applying our carpet cleaning technique, the stain disappeared completely.

Tina Davis - Concord
Rug Cleaning | Carpet Cleaning Concord, CA

Rug Cleaning

Customer Issue: The two Persian rugs of our customer were visibly dull and dirty.
Our Solution: Our cleaning method involved a technique for removing dust, dirt and pollen particles from the deepest levels of the pile while keeping the fibers protected. In the end, we had softer rugs with vivid colors.

Mike Smith - Concord
Carpet Cleaning | Carpet Cleaning Concord, CA

Carpet Cleaning

Customer Issue: The Saxony carpet was dirty and had some light, but noticeable stains.
Our Solution: After testing our materials to confirm they would not cause harm to the fibers or dye, we used a deep carpet cleaning technique to break down the dirt particles deep down in the pile and to extract them.

Vanessa Collins - Pleasant Hill

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