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Fast and effective cleaning tips for all carpet cleaners at home. Simple methods are available below.

Useful tips related to carpet stain removal and rug cleaning! Find out how to deal with serious problems like carpet water damage! Check out what you can do so that your carpets won't smell bad! Excellent suggestions for carpet cleaning and odor removal!

Great tips by experts! Learn how to remove carpet stains, clean oriental rugs and get rid of bad carpet odors.

Importance of regular vacuuming

The importance of vacuuming carpets once a week cannot be over emphasized, and in high traffic areas, it should be done preferably 2-3 times a week. This helps prevent dust and grime from building up. If the carpet is left unattended, grime particles can cut through the carpet fiber over time. Use an appropriate sharp tool to clean out carpeted nooks and crannies that are hard to reach.

Soil retardants

Soil retardants are a gentle and effective way to protect carpets. They can be applied to new carpets or those that were just cleaned. Not everyone can do this and you need to have the right tools and equipment first. Our pros advise carpet owners to follow the instructions specified by the carpet manufacturer and use the right technique to apply them. This goes a long way in protecting the carpet by inhibiting soil from sticking to its surface.

Keep your carpets clean

Carpets can be the source of many health problems, including allergies, skin and eye irritations, and breathing issues. There is too much dust collected among fibers which in combination with stains create the perfect conditions for the development of bacteria. Our cleaners recommend cleaning the carpets often and point out that pet urine and mold removal is also essential. Make sure the filters of your vacuum cleaner are often cleaned and all stains immediately removed, too.

Vacuum the carpet more frequently in the spring to remove pollen

This allergen is quite powerful and can cause serious allergic reactions. Besides, it may cause a great deal of irritation for people with asthma and other respiratory conditions. Since pollen is also quite light, it tends to stick to carpets easily. That is why more frequent vacuuming is essential for dealing with this allergen. It is best if the vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter.

Choosing Carpets

When choosing carpets, there is a lot to dwell on. You need to know what type of material you are getting as well as the kind of rug it is. This is important because each carpet or rug style will have a different look or feel that will either complement or contradict the home aesthetics you are going for. When checking out colors, don't rely on the colors of the sample you see because these will have most likely faded due to light or sun exposure.


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