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Rugs worth Professional Carpet Cleaning

Rugs worth Professional Carpet Cleaning | Carpet Cleaning Concord, CA

Some rugs are precious, and these are usually the ones most people will chose to have professionally cleaned. There is of course the element of sentimental value, but in this article we are talking about rugs that are worth significant amounts in terms of price value.

Here is a list of some of the most well-known types of rug that owners should consider having cleaned only by experts. Many of the fabrics used in precious rugs are relatively fragile and need special treatment.

Oriental rugs

The name is a reference to where the rug is made, rather than simply its styling. Oriental rugs are known for being made in the Middle East. Because these types of rugs are designed to be touched and sat on for extended periods of time, they are made especially thick and comfortable.

Persian rugs

A rug is only meant to be given the title of “Persian” if it is specifically made in Iran. This is the tradition for this type of rug and this exclusivity is what drives up the items core value. They can be made in very similar shapes to those of most high quality oriental rugs.

It is also traditional for Persian rugs to be made using a particular method of crafting. This incorporates one of four distinct patterns that only Persian rugs are supposed to feature.

Silk rugs

Silk rugs are extremely fragile. This natural fabric is highly flammable, creases easily and usually comes in only thin layers that can be torn with little pressure. The natural sheen on silk fabrics can also easily be damaged if not cleaned appropriately.

Real Wool rugs

Wool rugs are typically more valuable if they are constructed using 100% natural wool. Compared to silk wool is a relatively robust natural fabric. Its softness and thick nature are common selling points, and the cuts usually come in sizes ideal for small decorative rugs.

Natural fabrics will absorb moisture like a sponge and this is what makes them very susceptible to intense staining. Over rubbing them can lead to further damage but a professional rug cleaner will know the best solutions to use for each type of rug, while maintaining as much of their value as possible.


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